Advanced Vehicle Technology Competition (AVTC)

Brand Identity through Website Experience

A Legacy Nexus

Over 30 years of data condensed into a creative display showcasing advancement and achievement.


The Advanced Vehicle Technology Competition (AVTC) has been on the leading edge of automotive, mobility and energy technology development for over 30 years. Sponsored by the US Department of Energy and Argonne National Laboratory, the program is a treasure trove of historical achievement as well as a leading technology authority in the present day. It brings university leaders, industry professionals, technology advocates and the next generation of engineers together for the betterment of all – but its brand identity and online presence was an afterthought compared to the program’s impact.


The target audience is highly specific and specialized – even more reason to treat the program with detailed understanding of visitor and participant motivation. As is the case for many websites, the website is the first and often only non-human interaction someone has with a brand and it needs to fully represent it. So, we treated the program’s web presence like it needs to be – as the online manifestation of the brand.


A user experience (UX) driven information portal focused on two key directions.

1) Share the full impact of the AVTC story and capture its history as an information archive
2) Create recruiting energy around the advanced engineering industry and drive engagement for a better tomorrow
Ultimately, both directions converged into one important purpose – to represent the brand and continue building on its ongoing legacy.