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Bosch USA's Meteoric Rise

Attention-Grabbing Statement: From NAIAS to CES, CRIMSON's dynamic collaboration propels Bosch USA beyond milestones, achieving a 462,000-strong LinkedIn following, 7 million impressions, and a groundbreaking 292 million reach in transformative media campaigns.


Since fall 2022, CRIMSON has supported Bosch USA with public relations and social media services, focused on mobility and corporate initiatives in North America. Consistent goals for the brand are to promote Bosch as a software company/tech leader, an employer of choice and a leader in mobility transformation.


The CRIMSON team, in partnership with two independent agency partners, has assisted Bosch with amplifying corporate news such as executive changes, acquisitions, new technology rollouts, plant changeovers to support EV component production, and more. The agency team assists with both content strategy and content development. CRIMSON supported Bosch on-site at NAIAS 2022, at CES 2023, has conducted a deep-dive audience analysis/audit, messaging, quick-turn videos, associate profile stories, podcast editing and cover design, graphic design services, paid digital campaigns, and website consulting services. 

The CRIMSON team has also assisted Bosch with media/presentation training, corporate social responsibility content and influencer marketing/influencer content partnerships.


Consistent strategy support and content production support has helped Bosch USA with its reach and audience engagement goals.

  • Bosch USA’s LinkedIn profile has increased its follower base to more than 462,000, surpassing the 400,000 mark in 2023 with CRIMSON’s support on strategy and content.
  • A January 2023 sponsored campaign in partnership with TechCrunch provided more than 7 million impressions and 4,000 engagements.
  • An October 2022 earned media and integrated content push to raise awareness of a plant changeover in Charleston, S.C. to EV component production yielded 128 earned media stories, 116 social posts and a reach of 292 million.