What is CRIMSON?


The CRIMSON name pays respect to the namesake of our agency founder (Mort Crim), but represents the next generation of the agency. CRIMSON isn’t a color, but it colors the purpose of the brands we serve.

With 30+ years of agency experience we are also the collective sum of each of our people. We are the personal familiarity of a boutique, Detroit and Orlando-based firm with the legacy of international big-brand and big-idea leadership.

We take the fruit of your labor seriously and grow it from the ground up. We paint the surface to transform into something unexpected. Inside, you’ll find meaningful purpose at the core of your brand in order to make the ultimate impact.

What We're Made Of

Brand Advocacy

Your brand is made from many special ingredients but it definitely shouldn’t be a secret. As brand advocates, we identify what’s already mixed in and what needs to be added to make it the perfect blend for the audience you want to reach.

But before you spread it on a website, place a few drops in the news media or dab it onto a streaming service, it’s got to be just right. When you have the right formula (the brand) and a menu that makes sense (the strategy), we can help the world get a taste (the tactics) of your unique flavor.

Tap the bottle to view the ingredients of our secret sauce


Brand Identity

Brand Foundation

(Why you exist)
(What you stand for)

Brand Positioning

(Who you serve)
(Where you stand)

Brand Expression

Brand Persona

(How you sound)

Brand Message

(What you say)


(What you look like)




Target audience, target geo, etc.


Media Matrix

Paid (ads), earned (PR), organic (search), shared (social media), owned (website)




Creative Concepts

The idea - storyboard, concept, sample application, etc.


*Clicks, calls, downloads, web visits, followers, sales/transactions, etc.

Brand Activation

Out of home, print, digital, audio, video, streaming, OTT, billboards, transit, sponsorships, speaking opps, articles, whitepapers, webinars, experiential, podcasts, social media, email