The Team

We're animals when it comes to transforming your brand.

People, like animals, come in all forms. We’re not shape-shifters– it takes different experts to play different roles while working as a cohesive team. At CRIMSON, we are fearless and passionate about advocating for your brand. Just don't feed the bears.

Crimson Team Image - Chris Heaton

Chris Heaton


Crimson Team Image - Rich Donley

Rich Donley


Crimson Team Image - Jennette Smith-Kotila

Jennette Smith Kotila

Chief Marketing Officer

Crimson Team Image - Greg Zonca Greg Zonca

Greg Zonca


Crimson Team Image - Calvin Schenck

Calvin Schenck

Senior Videographer / Editor

Crimson Team Image - Jared Bauman

Jared Bauman

Video Production Manager

Crimson Team Image - Hailey Sommers

Hailey Sommers

Director - Business Operations

Crimson Team Image - Martina Rabajoli

Martina Rabajoli

Account Executive

Crimson Team Image - Garrett Ekstrom

Garrett Ekstrom

Director of Web Development

Crimson Team Image - Anthony J. Benacquisto

Anthony Benacquisto

Web Developer

Crimson Team Image - JP Hayes JP Hayes

JP Hayes

Director of Client Relations

Terry Thomas

Terry Thomas

Director, Strategy & Research

Crimson Team Image - Will Perry Will Pery Wolf

Will Perry

Creative Director

Mike Scott

Mike Scott

Senior PR Executive

Crimson Team Image - Breanna Simmons

Breanna Simmons

Graphic Designer

Crimson Team Image - Sam Babcock Sam Babcock

Samantha Babcock

Account Director

Crimson Team Image - Hallie Leibinger Hallie Aligator

Hallie Leibinger

Art Director

Crimson Team Image - Nicole Madigan

Nicole Madigan

Project Coordinator

Kim Stricker

Kim Stricker

Agency Partner - My Social Motto

Crimson Team Image - Carolyn Artman

Carolyn Artman

Account Director

Crimson Careers

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