Crimson Advocate Transform

I’ve had the great fortune to work with some fantastic people and brands over 25 years at MCCI and its previous/original incarnation as Mort Crim Communications, Inc. I have incredible respect for the man who’s name the agency bears, as well as his co-founder Terry Oprea and their combined legacy of broadcast news and communications excellence. This identification with integrity need never change, but the application of why we do what we do – our purpose – reflects our business evolution in the present day while bringing clarity to our vision for the future. 

So please meet CRIMSON.

CRIMSON isn’t a color – it’s an attitude of colorful brand advocacy, but an attitude that also honors the legacy of our name. Our change is with and for purpose so that we advocate for the purpose of the brands that we serve.

A brand advocate also looks to the result of purpose – in our case, a transformative impact. Achieving this takes a menu, and each item on it needs intentionality, a process or a key component to bring it to life so it can be shared with the right audience. We equate what we do and how we do it to a bottle of hot sauce. Long before anyone puts a few drops on their favorite food, the process starts with intentional questions like:

  • Will it be hot or mild?
  • Will it have a medley of peppers or just one?
  • What else will be added to enhance or influence the flavor?
Crimson Special Sauce

There are very specific ingredients that make up the sauce, just like there are necessary ingredients that make up a brand, and how it gets promoted. A hot sauce doesn’t magically appear in a bottle just like a brand can’t be effectively created, promoted or marketed without all the detailed ingredients that give it a connection to the target audience.

CRIMSON is about developing a brand’s list of ingredients, experimenting with the right mix and then blending them all together to give each brand its own unique formula – specific to the people who are tasting it.

Of course, being a brand advocate is much more than a food condiment analogy but it simplifies vital yet existential questions like “why we exist”, “what we hope to achieve” and “how we’ll achieve it”. 

Just like a recipe that might need an update over time, our agency legacy is a journey that will continue to evolve. We’re proud of the heritage of what we’ve done for many fantastic brands over many years but our brand evolution reflects the unwavering belief of what we are in this moment and what we aspire to be.

We advocate for purpose. We are CRIMSON.