Using Instagram To Advance Your Brand

Times of rapid, continuous technological advancements require you to be knowledgeable and adaptable to the latest trends. This is especially true when working in the media industry.

With a variety of unique, individualized platforms equipped with their own style, there are multitudes of ways to share your company’s story with the world. Since its development in 2010, Instagram has grown to become one of the most influential social media platforms. Although most individuals have Instagram for personal use, there are several reasons why this platform is critical to businesses when they are marketing their brand.

So, what diversifies Instagram from other platforms? Here are a few characteristics of the app that your brand can use to your benefit:

  • Visuals – Two brands can share the same image, but communicate completely different stories based on the voice behind it. An image tells the story to your audience rather than through text alone, revealing the hidden gems of your products. Accompanying brief, personalized captions with photographs brings your story to life and adds strength to your voice.
  • Market Reach – The most successful brands have the best visibility and capture, as well as maintain, the attention of their audience. Interactions from users can lead to services and products bought, which increases profit and market share. Emphasis should be placed on diversifying the content from competitors and amplifying the brand’s voice.
  • Brand Awareness – Most clients request our professional services with social media because they want to increase their social presence and brand awareness. Providing content with a considerable amount of likes communicates the strength of the content as well as the abilities your company possesses to engage with your customers.

Delivering results to a client maintains a relationship that not only benefits them, but your organization as well. Instagram is a lot more than just a photo-sharing app. It’s an art form requiring finesse and utilizing it to communicate your story to the audience while maintaining the voice of a brand and provides benefits for all.

At CRIMSON, we are storytellers. We deliver the results you want by maintaining your brand’s voice and telling the world why you are different. If your business is looking for social media development and strategy, contact us today!