MI Nonprofit Relief Fund

Branding, Public & Media Relations, Ad campaign

Seeing is Relieving

Giving back to those that give.


We’re all aware that the Covid-19 pandemic adversely affected people and businesses all over the globe. What we might not know is that many of our charitable nonprofit organizations were at the forefront of supporting those in need during the crisis – without necessarily having the resources necessary to do it. The very definition of giving.

Enter the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) and Coronavirus Relief Funds designated specifically for small Michigan nonprofit organizations. The State of Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity (LEO) and the Michigan Nonprofit Association (MNA) combined forces as two distinct entities to champion, administer and distribute the funding to eligible entities.


But why, how, what, where to get help? Is it a federal government process, the State of Michigan, MNA? Where do I get it, how do I apply and what do I need to know? Clarity required a new brand identity that drives from the heart of why. From a simple but powerful truth – charitable nonprofits exist to give and it was time to return the favor. 

Giving Back to Those Who Give.

Through the brand identity above, we developed a strategic campaign based on the concepts of “Get Help Now” to bring awareness and “What Relief Looks Like” to show the result.


Hyper-focused on smaller, under-represented BIPOC-led nonprofits, we developed statewide targeted media relations outreach that was enhanced and complemented by a strategic digital and print campaign to bring awareness and details for the available grant by the application deadlines in spring 2023.