Grey Matters

Rebranding & Naming

Annual Check-UP

Why not treat your brain like you treat your body?


Grey Matters, originally launched as Cognitive Health Centers (CHC), is the first evidence-based primary care brain health clinic focused on reversing or preventing cognitive decline and improving overall brain health. Using Dr. Dale Bredesen’s cutting-edge seven protocol screening to identify the root causes, the Florida based clinics are able to detect and prevent potential cognitive issues before medical intervention becomes necessary – a revolutionary way to treat cognitive decline. Despite these achievements, there were a number of challenges. As a startup operation, their founding physician’s previous work with other clinics and agencies caused brand confusion, and the name itself did not resonate with the public.


People typically ignore brain health until they get older, but how we treat our grey matter throughout our lives really does matter. Cognitive decline starts to occur 20 years before symptoms appear, and the prevailing thought is that it can’t be treated –  but that’s simply not true. 

By building a brand that tells this story – along with developing a name that captures the imagination – we have been breaking down barriers to make monitoring and treating brain health as widely accepted as having an annual physical. And with a new brand identity, Grey Matters – Precision Brain Health Centers have become the go-to clinics to offer these important services, treatments and preventative care in cognitive health.


By advocating for accessible brain health treatment, we not only are changing the future of medical care, but also doing it in a way that really matters –, transforming people’s lives for the better. As a result of CRIMSON’s efforts to establish a brand-to-consumer connection, Grey Matters continues to add new patients and break down barriers in consumer understanding.