Brooks Rehabilitation

Boosting Awareness of Growth and Expertise in Central Florida

Standing Tall

Brooks has been a comprehensive source for physical rehabilitation services for more than 50 years, advocating for its patients to achieve the highest quality of life possible.


The nonprofit is a well-known entity in the Jacksonville/Northeast Florida area but it’s not as well known in the Central Florida market, where it is growing significantly to meet the demand for – and to provide necessary access to – physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy services. In just one year, Brooks has doubled the number of its outpatient clinics, with more locations on the horizon.


Through a strategic public relations campaign, CRIMSON has been raising awareness of Brooks’ continued growth and community commitment in the Orlando-area. We have targeted key community, business and trade media and community-specific social media pages, to boost the brand and ultimately to drive new patients to Brooks to experience the “the best minds in rehabilitation with the latest treatments and technology.”


Leveraging CRIMSON’s expertise in media relations, we have secured media interviews with local subject matter experts to share more about Brooks’ growth, expertise and differentiators; and landed key stories in community, business and trade media to showcase Brooks’ growth, expertise and differentiators.

A couple key placements include securing local TV coverage about a robot Brooks uses to help severely injured people in Central Florida walk again. The segment was rebroadcast on four other stations in other key markets and ran online nationally and internationally, and resulted in new patients seeking the treatment. We also strategized about a bylined guest commentary, “Healthcare is Not Broken: It has Simply Lost its Focus,” which we successfully placed in two key Central Florida media outlets. 

The increased awareness has also led to more business for Brooks in the Central Florida region.