Barton Malow 100th

Centennial Anniversary Website

A Century of Building Dreams

Capturing a Century of Excellence: Creating A Digital Tribute for Barton Malow's 100th Anniversary.


Barton Malow (BM) approached us with the exciting challenge of commemorating their 100th anniversary. They needed a website to showcase their extensive history, featuring archival imagery, stories, and upcoming celebrations. BM wanted the site to align closely with their brand while having its own unique aesthetic. Additionally, they required a scalable platform to accommodate ongoing content updates throughout their year-long celebration.


We tackled Barton Malow’s request by delving into interactive storytelling techniques. Conducting a comprehensive content audit, we organized archival materials and future content into structured buckets, ensuring easy navigation. We then designed a flexible architecture to accommodate the site’s growth over time, maintaining alignment with BM’s brand and existing web assets.


Our solution resulted in the development of 14 highly-customized Elementor Widgets, enabling seamless page customization. Additionally, we created a bespoke Elementor widget to curate Instagram images based on hashtags, elegantly displayed in a tiled slider. Since the site’s launch on January 15, 2024, it has garnered an impressive 10,000 users, effectively immortalizing Barton Malow’s century of achievements.