Why Does Your Business Exist?

Many of us have heard the idiom about the cobbler and his barefoot children. For those that haven’t, it’s a classic tale of missing the forest for the trees. We might cringe at the use of such overplayed stories to relate commonplace real life situations, but idioms identify and tell the truth. In the case of the cobbler, he spends so much time and energy focused on the task at hand that he misses the big picture.

So, how do we get back on track and find our guiding principle?
Ask yourself one simple question, “Why do I exist?”

The “I” in this case isn’t about you as an individual, but rather the foundation of your business. There may (should) be similarities and overlap between personal and professional so the importance of this question remains the same. Oftentimes in business, the answer to this question can be lost or blurry. However, the success of your employees and business as a whole may depend on it. Obviously, it needs to be more than setting a goal of making money hand over fist — or you’ll end up throwing darts in the dark. At a moving target. While blindfolded. Uphill both ways in the snow.

So ask yourself, “Why?” Find out why you, your coworkers and your employees all get up in the morning. Ask hard questions, then ask a few more. Dig deep into the far corners of your mind to see the purpose for the work that you’re going to do that day and every day thereafter. Your business needs a roadmap, and it starts with why.

Wild goose chases can be fun, if you’re actually chasing a goose. But at least then you know why you’re running around after a goose.

We just went through a renaissance of sorts by refining our own messaging, purpose and core values. As an agency, we’re putting our money where our mouth is and practicing what we preach. Our road to discovery led us to discover who we are and why we exist.

To make a long story short, CRIMSON exists to find and develop opportunity through creativity.

Our mission is to bring ideas to life that inspire lasting relationships between client and customer. And we’re about advocating for your business and strategically leveling the playing field in crowded, competitive markets.

Developing meaningful strategic solutions might follow similar processes but the ideas that solve each individual problem shouldn’t be cookie-cutter formulas. The reason that your organization exists is unique and the story to be told walks its own path. And while it’s easy to hope you’re on the right track, remember, hope is not a strategy.

So, “Why do you exist?”