The Benefits of Customized Advertising

Are “a few words from our sponsors” becoming a few words too many? Let’s face it; the days of 30-second TV ads may be coming to an end. As consumers, many of us are more focused on getting back to our regularly scheduled programming than viewing commercials, but this may be changing.

With more recent newcomers of YouTube and Pandora, the approach to reach listeners/viewers is becoming much more customized. Ads are short and to the point, and are often customized to the station or channel based on geographic location or based on related web searches; plus there is also the option to forego ads entirely for a monthly fee.

Networks are also jumping on the customized ad bandwagon by tailoring ads to fit in with the premise of the show. The recent Olympics were a perfect example of this. P&G created an ad featuring the relationship between gymnast Simone Biles and her mother. Minute Maid asked swimmer Missy Franklin to write a letter to her parents, thanking them for their support throughout the year. Both companies capitalized on a global event and focused on well-known athletes, tailoring their ad to pull heartstrings.

The most effective ads are the ones that find the heart of the organization’s message, and find a creative way to frame it to move the consumer toward a desired action – whether it is to buy a product, gain awareness or be educated. At the end of the day, a customized approach to your marketing strategies can be a better bet than the 30-second commercials of yesterday, changing the industry as we know it.