6 Reasons Why your Social Media efforts are not bringing in customers

6 Reasons

You are not running FB ads for your offers

Facebook allows anyone to hyper target the audience of any FB ads. Pair that with an offer that is enticing enough for your customers to come check you out, and you have a winning FB strategy.

You are not engaging with your fans on Instagram.

Instagram is huge with young adults and it can give you more access to more customers than you may be able to handle. However, Instagram is more than just about posting selfies. Your work also includes thanking people for posting about your service, liking their posts and engaging with them.

Your website does not allow people to contact you.

A lot of businesses make it a challenge for customers to call or email them. Having your phone number in a prominent spot on your website is not just important, it’s a necessity now. No matter how amazing your website looks, if people have a difficult time contacting you from your website, the website is not serving its true purpose.

You are not collecting emails.

Email marketing is the life-blood of any business and not colleting emails is like throwing heaps of cash down the drain. Giving something of value away in exchange for a name and email may not mean much at first but having a list of targeted customers means your pipeline is always full.

You do not have a cohesive brand image

If your website and your social properties do not convey the same message, you are confusing people and losing out on potential sales. If you are an upscale wine bar, your website should look modern and exquisite. But that’s how ALL of your social media images and cover photos should be. Neglecting cover photos on your social media sends the message to your customers that you neglect your business and in turn, they are not sure whether to give you a shot.

 You are not utilizing your Social Media profiles to set up a marketing funnel

Marketing funnels can take you from being a six-figure business to a seven-figure business. It can be as simple as having your “open table” link in your description of your FB and Instagram account. There are advanced strategies that help you optimize this funnel but that’s best left to the pros.


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