Dallas Mavericks

Dallas is home to many great sports teams. Dallas in known for its legendary basketball team- Dallas Mavericks. the best player on the team has been Dirk Nowitzki. his reign of greatness started in 1998. Being an unconventional forward player who is arguably the best shooting power forward in the NBA- he and Jason Kidd made a great team. However, there was a big pain point in the team- the Dallas Mavericks team- as good as they were- did not win a single championship NBA ring until in 2011. the championship winning team included JJ Barea, Tyson Chandler, and Jason Terry. This was definitely the best year for team owner and serial entrepreneur Shark Mark Cuban.

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After winning the championship, many of the original team members ended up leaving the team to join other teams. In 2014 Mavericks made the big trade to get Rajon Rondo. Jason Kidd ended up retiring and becoming a head coach- although the newly formed team Brooklyn Nets that he coached was not quite up to par just yet.

The Dallas Mavericks team went through a bit of a struggle in 2012 because of the knee injury faced by star player Dirk Nowitzki.

Dallas Mavericks is rumored to grow with the addition of Baylor Center Jonathan Motley if the deal goes through. He and Nowitzki will be a great asset to Dallas Mavs if they find their groove right.

Dallas Stars

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Dallas Stars is the Dallas ice hockey team. It started off in 1967 under the name of Minnesota Noth Stars but they switched their name in 1993 and been operating as Dallas Stars ever since. The stars used to be a tremendous team, winning Western Conference Championships, not once but two times. They also won the Stanley Cup in the 1998 season.

Following the Stanley cup win, one of the best Dallas Stars Players in the NHL was given the honor to be a part of the Hall of Fame and that player was none other than Neal Broten. Following his footsteps, a few other Dallas Stars players made it to the United States Hockey Hall of fame. To name the great players, we have  Brett Hull,  Ed Belfour, and Mike Modano. the official colors of the Dallas Starz team include Victory shade of Green, Black, and silver as the staple colors and White as well. The away jersey consists of mostly the victory green color with the logo in Black and white. The Dallas Stars team plays out of the American Airlines Center.

The Texas Stars are related to the Dallas Stars through the American Hockey League, they have an affiliation. Dallas Stars have retired the numbers 7,8,9, 19 due to the players with those numbers making it to the Hall of Fame. Jamie Benn won the Art Ross Trophy through his magnificent playing ability in the 2014 season. Mike Modano still leads the all time points for Dallas Stars at 1359 points.

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