Storytelling in Corporate Video Production

I’ve been involved in the storytelling business for nearly forty years. I’ve been a photographer, editor, writer, and producer. I’ve worked in television newsrooms with chaotic daily deadlines, and produced documentaries that took more than a year to complete. As the Senior Producer at CRIMSON, I’ve taken the skill sets I’ve acquired and have applied them to corporate video productions. Hundreds of people and countless organizations have entrusted me to tell their story. I love telling stories and engaging with people.

I’ve had the opportunity to tell stories of some amazing people. I consider each opportunity a learning experience. Perhaps one of the nicest people I have ever met was the late Ernie Harwell. While working at Channel 4 WDIV, I had the opportunity to profile Ernie, spending time with him in his small broadcast booth overlooking Tiger Stadium. Little did I know, later I would produce and write a documentary for the Detroit Tigers called “Michigan and Trumbull,” narrated by the legendary Ernie Harwell. I’ll always remember giving the script to Ernie, a walking encyclopedia of baseball history, wondering…. did I get it right? Did I capture the historic and emotional connection of Tiger Stadium to the fans? When Ernie gave me the thumps up, I breathed a sigh of relief.

When an organization, business, or person asks me to tell their story, I want to get it right. By listening and asking the right questions, I’ll try to find a unique story that makes a connection to the audience, and in the process, learn something myself. That’s what I love about storytelling.