Crain’s Detroit Business: ‘Orlando shootings one more grim security reminder for large venues’

CRIMSON’s Senior VP of PR and Marketing Communications Rich Donley recently shared crisis communications insight on workplace violence/actRich Donley - CRIMSONive shooter training with Crain’s Detroit Business.

“…But the issue is something any company could one day face, especially if security lapses are happening, said Rich Donley, senior vice president at Detroit-based Mort Crim Communications Inc.

As an extension of the crisis communications he’s provided companies for more than 20 years, Donley began crisis planning with global automotive clients eight years ago. During site visits around the country, he shows up an hour early to try to gain access to the facility.

He found a number of practices that could enable a would-be shooter to gain access to a building. They include open doors and padlocks and friendly employees holding the door for him, both when he’s worn everyday street clothes or a company shirt pu
rchased from the company store online.

Door that should have been locked – note the warning signs

Echoing law enforcement, Donley stresses the importance of visitors signing in and out (so everyone is accounted for) and escorts for visitors. Advance evacuation planning is also important, as is having supplies like two-way radios, megaphones and a stock of water on hand.

Local police and fire departments will often take a floor plan of the building so they have quick access to the building’s layout, he said. And mock shooter training scenarios with local law enforcement feedback can also help prepare employees.

‘You have a facility that has 400-500 people,” Donley said. “Think of the nightclub: How can you best communicate and get people out?'”

Despite the card reader, door was propped open and provided direct access to the manufacturing floor.

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Rich has served as a crisis communications counselor and onsite trainer for a number of clients for more than 20 years, working front lines on a variety of incidents including theft, fire, explosion, bomb threat, evacuation, layoff, discrimination suit, union strike, workplace violence, credit card breach, etc.