Crimson Team Spotlight with Megan Peterson

This week we are recognizing public relations extraordinaire, Megan Peterson. After beginning her career at CRIMSON over two years ago, she quickly became one of our team’s most valuable assets. After all, not everyone is able to successfully serve nearly a dozen clients while still actively contributing to in-house marketing efforts. Read what Megan has to say about CRIMSON below!

1. What do you love about CRIMSON?

I love that CRIMSON has a team/family culture. We all work together, collaborate and support each other no matter what our area of focus/role is. I also enjoy the clients we serve because they all have a great vision/cause.

2. Explain your role as a part of the CRIMSON family?

My title is Communications Executive; my role on the PR team consists of working with clients with needs varying from social media to media relations to live event support and everything in between. I also assist CRIMSON’s PR/Marketing efforts via social media management, media outreach and more. Additionally, I plan get-togethers/happy hours for our ‘family’ as often as possible because it’s always great to enjoy one another’s company outside of work.

3. What’s the most challenging part of your job? Most rewarding?

Time management is by far my biggest challenge – when you wear a lot of hats and service many clients, prioritizing and re-prioritizing is crucial (and never ending). The most rewarding part of my job is knowing I made a difference in a company or nonprofit’s efforts. To see business come in due to a media placement I assisted in coordinating OR seeing donations come in as a result of an event I assisted in planning/executing – there is no better feeling.

4. How do you spend your time outside of the office?

I love yoga; I try to practice 3-5 times each week. I enjoy reading, currently I’m reading “Yes Please” by Amy Poehler. I hang out with friends and family often, who are spread out all across the state. I have an adorable kitten named Luna who I spend lots of time playing with and snuggling.

5. What’s your idea of an ideal Saturday?

Kick off the day with a green smoothie, practice yoga, hit the beach or pool (with a good book, snacks and friends), Greek food for dinner and a Harry Potter Marathon in the evening. Perfection.