Crimson Team Spotlight with Rich Donley

Rich Donley - CRIMSONThis week we are recognizing Rich Donley, our Senior VP of PR and Marketing Communications. Rich is the PR glue that holds the team together – he’s personable, professional and always ready for anything . He’s a crisis communications pro, and facilitates an AWESOME media training program. Read what Rich has to say about CRIMSON below!

What do you love about CRIMSON?
I love our team’s diverse backgrounds and generation span – millennials, Gen X and Baby Boomers – as we are not of the same mold and that brings creativity and on-target storytelling that resonates with our target audiences. I also love the passion that our team has for delivering results – not just output, but outcomes – for our clients. Whether it’s PR & media relations, social media, video, web & digital or marketing & advertising, we strive to deliver excellence.

And, of course, I love our fearless leader, Terry Oprea – a faithful, honest, true-to-his word gentleman and boss who I have learned so much from since joining the company in 2013, and when I first interned for him at WDIV-TV 4 nearly 28 years ago!

Explain your role as a part of the CRIMSON family?
In short, I’m a “Builder of Brand Awareness/Sales and Better Executive Communicators.” I am on the CRIMSON Executive Management Team and serve as the senior vice president, PR/Marcom, responsible for managing the agency’s public relations, marketing communications and social media accounts. I also have responsibility for developing – and, of course, closing new business. One of the greatest things is my role as an executive trainer, where I help companies/individuals improve their skills for media interviews, presentations and crisis communications.

What’s the most challenging part of your job? Most rewarding?
The toughest part of the job, just like at any agency that I’ve worked at, is juggling it all. You start off with a “to do” list, but there are many days you can just tear that up since one call or email can change the whole day, whether it be a crisis situation, media interview or major writing project. But that’s the nature of the beast! Oh, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention how much I love (yeah, right) timesheets! Have you ever tried keeping track of your day in 15-minute increments?

The most rewarding is seeing how our work – whether it be counseling, writing, executive training, generating positive media coverage, changing minds, impacting legislation, handling a crisis or averting one in the first place – positively impacts our clients and their key stakeholders. We are helping to improve a company’s image and bottom line, but the best is when it impacts our non-profit clients and those who depend on these organizations for food, clothing, job training and the like. We truly change people’s lives!

How do you spend your time outside of the office?
I’d love to say I have all of these hobbies, but that’s not true. I love decompressing by not doing much and just relaxing. I love Disney World. Love Sanibel Island. Love nature. And, of course, anything that involves my family, especially my daughters’ dancing over the years – whether it be dance recitals, regional or national dance competitions. Yeah, I even helped start the Dance Dads at our daughters’ former dance studio. Here’s our first recital video from the dress rehearsal: Please don’t laugh too hard. Now, I’m a prop Dad.

As a self-proclaimed “Dance Dad,” what’s your favorite style of dance and why?
I really like to watch all forms of dance, whether it’s jazz, contemporary, lyrical, tap, ballet, hip hop, pointe, etc. It amazes me what dancers can do – memorization of so many dances and styles, and what they can do with their bodies. Yes, dancers are athletes. Yes, dance IS a sport.