Crimson Team Spotlight With Lauren Lesniak

Today we recognize our summer communications intern, Lauren Lesniak. Lauren works with the PR and Marketing teams at CRIMSON to help support goals and initiatives, while also bringing a fresh set of eyes to the work. She attends Grand Valley State University and is approaching graduation. 

1. What do you love about CRIMSON?

There are multiple reasons for loving CRIMSON, both in terms of the environment and the experience it has given me so far. I’ve constantly heard internship horror stories where if the interns aren’t running around getting coffee and making copies then they are spending time doing their personal, unrelated work. Fear of an experience like that was constantly on my mind each time I searched for internships. Unlike other companies, CRIMSON has provided me with a hands-on experience from the start. Although I may just be starting out and slowly learning the ropes, I am learning beneficial skills.

Aside from the great learning experience I have been exposed to, the environment at CRIMSON has been fantastic. From the first day that I entered the office for my interview, I felt welcomed and valued. That feeling has continued its presence to this day. I have never had a job where all of my coworkers were as kind, helpful and understanding as those here at CRIMSON. Growing up, my father would always tell me stories of office life with less-than-par coworkers, but my experience at CRIMSON has been far from those stories. (I’d even like to call them the Dream Team because I can’t think of a more caring, dedicated, and supportive group of people to work with).

2. Explain your role as a part of the CRIMSON family/tell us about your college experience.

This summer, I am serving as a communications intern for the PR Team. I have worked on developing content for several accounts while also observing the responsibilities of the other team members. My college experience as a communication studies major and marketing minor has given me a plethora of information, but that information is really only beneficial once when paired with experience. I believe that my college experience has made me a well-educated individual, but it has not given me much in terms of experiential, hands-on learning. I have received that experiential learning during my time at CRIMSON, where I’m able to learn while observing and doing work for a company (instead of writing an analytical essay about what the workload of a position would be comprised of post-graduation).  

3. What’s the one thing you want to take away from this internship?

Since this isn’t like most internships where the interns act as busy workers, I hope to see what I could potentially be doing post-graduation. In general, there are so many different aspects of communications, marketing, and PR that I haven’t experienced through education alone. My first day here I set a list of goals I hope to complete by the end of this internship. Those goals include:

  • Create and understand Instagram and become more familiar with Twitter
  • Become familiar with WordPress
  • Learn AP style
  • Learn Google Analytics to some extent
  • Learn how to switch writing styles depending on who I am writing for and the content to be covered.  

4. What do you like to do in your spare time?

I like to consider myself that “weird kid” who would rather spend the day up at the library binge-reading than binge-watching a TV show on Netflix. If I’m not reading, I can be found writing, drawing, painting, singing while listening to music or doing something outside (a bonus if the weather is nice because then I do everything outside). I live on a lake so during the summertime, my family and I take advantage of that by going on the boat to swim, ski, fish or cruise. I’m family-oriented, so, at night, I like to talk with mom or dad and watch a show while making my super-independent dog cuddle with me.  

5. What’s your personal mantra/philosophy?

I won’t give up, no I won’t give in”

I have been a huge Disney fan since I was an infant, so it shouldn’t have been a huge surprise that one of my life mantras stem from their content. This quote is directly from lyrics of the song “Try Everything” featured in Disney’s Zootopia that serves as a reminder that you can do anything. The key is that you have to keep going and never give up, no matter what happens. I have my fears and doubts just like any other person, especially since this is my first internship. When I start doubting myself or my work, I take a minute to think of my mom and dad and to remind myself of those words.