6 Reasons

You are not running FB ads for your offers

Facebook allows anyone to hyper target the audience of any FB ads. Pair that with an offer that is enticing enough for your customers to come check you out, and you have a winning FB strategy.

You are not engaging with your fans on Instagram.

Instagram is huge with young adults and it can give you more access to more customers than you may be able to handle. However, Instagram is more than just about posting selfies. Your work also includes thanking people for posting about your service, liking their posts and engaging with them.

Your website does not allow people to contact you.

A lot of businesses make it a challenge for customers to call or email them. Having your phone number in a prominent spot on your website is not just important, it’s a necessity now. No matter how amazing your website looks, if people have a difficult time contacting you from your website, the website is not serving its true purpose.

You are not collecting emails.

Email marketing is the life-blood of any business and not colleting emails is like throwing heaps of cash down the drain. Giving something of value away in exchange for a name and email may not mean much at first but having a list of targeted customers means your pipeline is always full.

You do not have a cohesive brand image

If your website and your social properties do not convey the same message, you are confusing people and losing out on potential sales. If you are an upscale wine bar, your website should look modern and exquisite. But that’s how ALL of your social media images and cover photos should be. Neglecting cover photos on your social media sends the message to your customers that you neglect your business and in turn, they are not sure whether to give you a shot.

 You are not utilizing your Social Media profiles to set up a marketing funnel

Marketing funnels can take you from being a six-figure business to a seven-figure business. It can be as simple as having your “open table” link in your description of your FB and Instagram account. There are advanced strategies that help you optimize this funnel but that’s best left to the pros.

7 social media update

I do not like to waste time with things like introduction. Lets jump right into it then with the social media marketing tips:

Claim and Optimize Your “Google My Business”

Let’s start off with the most important directory that you need to take care of as a business owner. Do this one thing right and your customer base will grow significantly. Google My Business Listing is where your customers go to post reviews about your service. Answering any bad reviews is crucial to show your current and existing customers that you care. Adding crisp HD images will also entice more people to come and check out your business. If you need instructions on how to claim and optimize you GMB, check out this post.

 Claim Your Yelp Listing

Yelp is another very important directory especially for businesses like Nail Salon, Hair Salon, Spas, Restaurants and Bars. Try to include key terms and phrases in your description that people might use to search for you on Yelp. Make sure the categories are chosen correctly since categories are the single most important factor in where you show up on Yelp. Post lots of your “good” pictures and reply to poor reviews. For a more in-depth tutorial, here’s a link.

Claim and Optimize Your Facebook Page

I am still shocked every day to see how many businesses have an unofficial facebook page that they never claimed. Your customers maybe tagging you on FB and you do not ever know what they are saying about you. Much of success involves feedback and social media serves the purpose of customer support. Make sure you encourage your customers to post reviews and engage with your FB page. Optimize your cover photo for mobile phones and have a unified theme that is present in all your social media properties. Check out our FB page and website to get some inspiration

Get a website that is mobile-optimized.

Another simple concept that most business owners look over. 90% of adults are purchasing using their phones. If you have a picture of your phone number on your site instead of a click to call button, it’s much easier for customers to leave your site than to try to dial your number. If your site is not showing up well on mobile phones, you are missing out a big chunk of the internet pie. Contact us for a website redesign if that’s the case.

Connect with influencer on Twitter.

Twitter is a great resource for reaching out to local PR influencers in your niche. People like journalists are always hunting for a story and if you can get them to write something about your business, it gets your name out and it helps them out too. Hence, it’s a win-win and you’d be surprised how many influencers would actually be willing to talk about your business.

Run FB offers and giveaways

Okay, this one can be difficult. But if you have a big following on FB like a lot of restaurants might, you can target those people and create an offer just for them. If you want to run facebook ads, I would suggest testing out different pictures and offers to see what works or hire a pro to do it right. We offer FB ads in all our social media packages.

Make sure your NAPW is consistent.

This one may be a little technical but definitely necessary. NAPW stands for name, address, phone number and website. Having “100 Main St., Ste 1006” on your site and “100 Main St.” on google may not look much different to humans but to search engines those are two different addresses. Making sure all the different directories (local and national) that you are listed in have the same NAPW, word for word, if you want to show up in Google Local Searches. If you have never invested in registering on directories, you may very well not exist in google’s eyes. Hence, your target customers can’t see you. Contact us to take care of it for you.


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